"Brachiosaurus has a very thick skin and hefty build. It is highly robust, but also a little slow. Its advantage in toughness gets more pronounced with each new level." -Dinosaur Lexicon

Brachiosaurus is one of the dinosaurs in the game. It is achieved by reaching level 15 and helping Kittie Mays.

Bar health 5


Bar strength 3
Bar endurance 1


Brachiosaurus skill 01

Attacks target in short range, dealing a damage up to 200% upon hit. Damage may vary in order of use

Extra Power: Take 150% less damage for 8 seconds.

Brachiosaurus skill 02
Ground Stomp

Attacks up to 3 targets in close combat range for 200% damage.

Extra Power: Hit up to 6 targets for 300% damage overall & Targets are stunned for 5 seconds. Damage may vary in order of use.


"The Brachiosaurus lived in North America during late Jurassic. You have to know that this dinosaur is one of the largest land animals that ever lived on earth.

Characteristic for the Brachiosaurus is surely his long neck, this accounts for more than half its body length. The astonishing thing is that the cervical vertebrae of this dinosaur were not larger than other sauropods, but for three times as long as the vertebra. In comparison with the long neck, the head of the Brachiosaurus was almost tiny.

It is assumed that Brachiosaurus was a herbivore and lived predominantly in groups."

-Dinosaur Lexicon


In Game:

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