"Time to introduce yourself to the busy townsfolk of Dinoville.

No one knows you yet, so you will need to gain the trust of the people by helping them."

-Game Guide

Chapter 2: Welcome to Dinoville is the second chapter of the game guide. Players start out by helping out the quest givers and getting to know the town and shops.


Visit the Slotmachine Casino.

Found at the upper outter right ring of Dinoville. By visiting the Slot Machine Casino, you earn x2 Elite Accelerator Potions. You also get a free first spin to get items daily.

Help the townsfolk of Dinoville.

To complete the task, one needs to do and finish three quests given by any quest giver(s) in Dinoville. It rewards x10 Elite Healing Potions.

Visit the Dinosaur Store.

Found at the far West side of the town, you earn x2 Elite Accelerator Potions by simply visiting it and having a peek in the store.

Sell a single item at the market.

To do this, you need to kill the creatures in the area and pick up the loot they drop, then sell it at the market. The market is found at the bottom right of the inner center ring. By completing the task, it rewards you x2 Elite Accelerator Potions.

Level up any dinosaur to level 2.

Visit the Dino Doctor, after you have the required amount of Evolution Serums and Dino Dollars to evolve it. This task rewards you x2 Elite Damage Clouds upon completion.

Level up any weapon to level 2.

Go to the Weapon Expert to upgrade your gun ater you have the required amount of Evolution Serums and Dino Dollars to upgrade. This task rewards you x2 Elite Absorb Potions upon completion.

Once all of these tasks are complete, you will have a Level 2 Dino and Gun. The chapter rewards a player x1 Carnotaurus afterwards. Now they are ready to move on to Chapter 3 .