"Coelophysis is built for speed. Its strong hind legs but overall nimble build make it a great runner. Its speed advantage gets more pronounced with each new level."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Coelophysis is one of the dinosaurs in the game. All players start with this mount. It is currently the smallest dino in the game. It is great for quests where you need to transport things. Although it is the weakest Dinosaur in the game so far, it should not be underestimated, as the great advantage in speed is a deadly weapon in the right hands.

Bar health 3


Bar strength 1
Bar endurance 5


Coelophysis skill 01
Rapid Strikes

Attacks target in close range for 200% dino damage.

Extra Power: Attacks for 300% dino damage.  

Coelophysis skill 02
Jump Attack

Jumps to target in close range and inflicts 300% dino damage on hit.

Extra Power: Target is stunned for 4 seconds.  


"The dinosaur Coelophysis lived during the late Triassic of what is now the southwestern part of North America. He belongs to the group of Theropoda, a former dinosaur genus.

The physique of this dinosaur was extremely efficient and designed for high speeds. The bones of Coelophysis were hollow limbs, long and narrow. He had razor-sharp teeth, and his toes were tipped with sharp claws."

-Dinosaur Lexicon


In Game:

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