Implants are used to add extra stats to your dinosaur. Implants are obtainable by collecting gems. The price varies depending on the level of the implant you want.


Implant armor
Armor Implant

Effect: Reduces incoming damage

Requires: Help Rosa Bell


Implant vitality
Vitality Implant

Effect: Increase Dinosaur's health points

Requires: Help Nathaniel James


Implant endurance
Endurance Implant

Effect: Increase Dinosaur's walk speed

Requires: Help Travis McDonald


Implant strength
Strength Implant

Effect: Increase Dinosaur's power

Requires: Help Ron Lynch


Implant recovery
Recovery Implant

Effect: Increase Dinosaur's hit point recovery rate

Requires: Help Randall Lyons

*The Recovery Rate for a level 1 Recovery Implant is approximately 1 hit point per second.


Implant agility
Agility Implant

Effect: Increases the Dinosaur's ability to dodge attacks

Requires: Help Jack Bridger


Implant stability
Stability Implant

Effect: Reduce the duration of stun and paralyze to your Dino

Requires: Help Tamara Tucker


Implant rage
Rage Implant

Effect: Increases extra power gains when taking damage.

Requires: Help Stig Vinson


Implant shield
Shield Implant

Effect: Increases your dinosaur's resistance against incoming weapon damage.

Requires: Help Samuel Clay


Implant claws
Claws Implant

Effect: Grants a chance for your dino to hit additional targets in close range.

Requires: Help Ivor Steinn