"Pachycephalosaurus is not only faster than most dinosaurs in Dino Storm, it can also stun an opponent in combat using its bone-plated head."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Pachycephalosaurus is one of the dinosaurs in the game. You can earn it by collecting 65 rubies by killing Lvl 10 creatures like Brontops and Smilodon .


Bar health 3
Bar strength 2
Bar endurance 4


Pachycephalosaurus skill 01
Flying Head Butt

Jumps to target in range and inflicts major dino damage on hit.

Extra Power: Jumps in close combat and does 300% damage and stuns for 8 seconds.

Pachycephalosaurus skill 02
Dodge Attack

Attacks target in close combat range for huge dino damage

Extra Power: Dodges attacks at 50% chance for 5 seconds


"Pachycephalosaurus lived 68-65 million years ago during the upper cretaceous in the area of what is now North America. The dino belongs to the genus of Ornithischia from the group of Pachycephalosauria.

Especially the skull structure is characteristic for this Dino. The head of Pachycephalosaurus was thick up to 25cm. He was able to withstand unusual shocks, particularly in battles against other males. It is also assumed that the dinosaur used his massive head for self-defense against other dinos."

-Dinosaur Lexicon