"The Peacemaker is a long range laser rifle providing high single target damage. Its advantage in range compared to other guns gets more pronounced with each new
level." - Weapon Lexicon

The Peacemaker is a long range, sniper rifle-like weapon that can be unlocked by completing missions given by Sue Mullins or by buying it directly in the Gun Store using gold coins. Below are the gun prices.

  • Level 10: 65 Ruby or 1999 Gold Coins
  • Level 15: 125 Topaz or 4999 Gold Coins

Bar strength 5
Bar endurance 1
Bar health 5


Skill peacemaker 01
Canyon Ray

Attacks Target in far range and inflicts 300% damage on hit.

Extra Power: 150% increased hit chance for 8 seconds

Skill peacemaker 02
Prey Marker

Strikes target in a close range and inflicts 200% damage upon impact

Extra power: Paralyzes target for 4 seconds.


"These precision rifles trace back to the early shotguns that the first settlers used on their drives with great success.

The Peacemaker has been developed to hit targets from a great distance. Its penetration power provides for bringing down targets with few, but effective shots. When it was first put to use in the battle for Dinoville Canyon the Peacemaker turned the tide towards the colonists and has since had its firm place in Dinoville’s history.

Nowadays this laser gun is the preferred option for securing claims, and it can also play an important role in clan wars."