General Information

"Tyrannosaurus Rex is an exceptionally strong carnivore that spreads fear and terror among all other dinosaurs. Its great advantage in strength gets more pronounced with each new level."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the strongest dinosaur in the game and can only be bought after becoming the sheriff of Dinoville and getting to level 25.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Bar health 2


Bar strength 5
Bar endurance 2


"Tyrannosaurus Rex, latin for tyrannical king, is one of the largest carnivores in the history. The dinosaur lived during the upper cretaceous in what is now North America.

Tyrannosaurus moved on two legs and had a massive head. The tail of this dinosaur was used to maintain the equilibrium. The teeth of T-Rex were about 20cm long and extremely sharp. Researchers believe that this dinosaur could exert a bite force of up to 52,000 Newtons, which corresponds to 5 tons per tooth.

Besides his memorable skull, the barely distinct arms are characteristic for Tyrannosaurus. These, however, were exceptionally strong and sharp." -Dinosaur Lexicon


Trex skill 01
Brutal Bite

Attacks target in close combat range for great dino damage. 

Extra Power: Causes target to bleed for a short time, inflicting additional damage.

Trex skill 02
Battle Cry

Causes multiple targets in medium range to flee in terror.

Extra Power: Affects more targets and greatly increases dino damage for a short time.