Warehouse holds all the items that you earn in Dino Storm that you don't want to carry or if you don't have enough room in your Inventory.

Items can be sent and stored here by first opening up your Inventory, clicking on the slot that contains the items you wish to store, and then clicking on the "Move to Warehouse" option.  However, there are two ways you can move your items to the Warehouse, with each way having their own advantages and disadvantages:

1)  Walk and stand next to the Warehouse building, which is located at the center of DinoVille.  This is the simplest and cheapest way to store your extra items.  However, you may have to travel over very long distances to reach the Warehouse building.

2)  If you have at least 1 Warehouse Teleport Matrix, then you can teleport one slot of your items directly to the Warehouse building for each Warehouse Teleport Matrix you have.  This is the most convenient and quickest way to store your extra items.  However, Warehouse Teleport Matrixes are very expensive and can only be bought either with 18 Gold Coins or through the Auction House.

By default, you have 20 Warehouse slots.

Additional slots can be purchased for 49 Gold Coins.